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Introduction to the CoGuard CLI

CoGuard is a comprehensive static analysis tool for IT infrastructure configurations (cloud and on-premise).

This project is the command line interface to CoGuard, with additional auto-discovery functionality.

In its current release, it scans Docker images and its contents. In particular, it searches for known configuration files of different software packages (like webservers, databases, etc.), and scans these configurations for security and best practice.

How to install it

CoGuard CLI can either be pulled from this repository and used directly, or installed via pip:

pip install coguard-cli

Keep in mind that it is a requirement to have Docker installed locally.

How to use it

After installing the CoGuard CLI, you can run a scan on your local images using

coguard docker-image [<YOUR-IMAGE-NAME-OR-ID>]

If you omit the image ID parameter, CoGuard will scan all the images currently stored on your device.

This step requires you to create a CoGuard account. After completion, this image check will return the findings of CoGuard on this particular image.

Current support and future plans

The currently supported auto-discovery of configuration files inside Docker containers is limited to the finders in this folder. This list will expand in the future. In addition, we are scanning the Dockerfile used to create the images, and will add some Linux configuration files in the near future.

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