The DOS game from the 80s re-written in Python from Scratch!


Recommended: Using pip

pip3 install drugwars

# To Update
pip3 install --upgrade drugwars

Installing from source

git clone https://github.com/M4cs/drugwars
cd drugwars
python3 setup.py install

How to Play


The game is played inside of your terminal and uses letters and numbers to select things and take part actions.

You start with 2000 dollars and 5500 dollars in debt to the loan shark. The goal of the game is to pay off the loan shark and get as much money as possible while avoiding cops or getting mugged.

Cops can shoot at you and you have 20 hit points until you die and the game ends. You are able to purchase guns occasionally which will give you a chance to kill the cops.

You have 30 days to buy and sell as many drugs as possible to make a profit. Prices are randomly generated so it's all dependent on the market in the area you're at.

There are events that can happen inbetween moving areas. These can either be good for you or bad, it's all random.

You have access to a bank and stash in the Bronx which allows you to store money and drugs to keep them safe while getting mugged or caught by the cops.


  • You cannot go back to a location if you have chosen jet, you must travel somewhere else.
  • You can only go to the loan shark, bank, and stash in the Bronx.
  • You only have 30 days to make your money and pay back the loan shark.
  • Your debt increases each day with interest so pay it back ASAP
  • Your savings will increase each day with interest as well.


When asked yes or no questions: Respond with y or n

When asked to (B)uy, (S)ell, or (J)et: Respond with b to buy, s to sell, or j to jet

When asked to (R)un or (F)ight: Respond with r to run, or f to fight

When asked where to go: Respond with a number 1-6, these correspond to a location on the table


I pressed buy or sell and I didn't mean to!

Simply choose a drug and set 0 as the quantity.

I jetted but want to go back.

You can't this is a game mechanic. Be careful with your choices!

Why did I make this?

Drugwars is a game I've been playing for a long time, well before I learned how to program. Now that I'm apt in Python I thought what the hell, why not rewrite a game I love in Python and release it. Well that's what I'm doing and here it is. Enjoy :)