DUE Evaluator

The repository contains the evaluator covering all of the metrics required by tasks within the DUE Benchmark, i.e., set-based F1 (for KIE), ANLS (used in document VQA), accuracy (including variant used in WTQ), as well as group-based ANLS we proposed for KIE problems with structured output.


The deval command will be available after the package installation. Every time, it is required to provide input and output files (both in the DU-Schema format) using -o and -r parameters.

Other settings are task-specific and limited to metric (-m) and optional case-insensitiveness (-i). Recommended values of these are:

Dataset Metric Case insensitive
DocVQA, InfographicsVQA ANLS Yes
Kleister Charity, DeepForm F1 Yes
PapersWithCode GROUP-ANLS Yes
WikiTableQuestions WTQ No (handled by metric itself)
TabFact F1 (obtained value will be equal to Accuracy) No


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