Pong by Davis Burrill

This is my version of the classic game Pong. This was my first real project with Python! I used Turtle to create the GUI. This project prompts the user for Player A and Player B’s names. After the user inputs that, it is a quick game to 3!

Some of the challenges and improvements I have made along the way include…
. Changing the ball’s color after every score.
. Having the balls direction depend on where it hits the paddle.
. Having the ball’s spead increase the longer you go.
. Writing code in the loop for the paddles, creating a smooth movement and allowing both paddles to move at the same time.

When installing the files, you want to make sure the .wav files are in the same directory as your python file so the sounds play.

Have fun! And as always, see what you can do with it. Thanks!


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