The HTTP client implementation for the fuwa eco-system


import asyncio

from fuwa.fhttp.client import HTTPClient

async def main():
    client = HTTPClient("bot token")
    await client.init() # calls the application info endpoint
    # this is necessary for most endpoints (such as application command
    # related endpoints)

    payload = [
            "type": 1,
            "name": "hello",
            "description": "Hello, World!"
    await client.bulk_upsert_application_commands(payload, guild_id=942837947315662859)
    await client.close()

You may think this is quite verbose for a HTTP client, however, the fuwa eco-system doesn’t expect you to usue this on its own. This package is used heavily within the command-framework. The package import (from fuwa.fhttp) is fhttp due to the http python standard library. This is to avoid any shadowing issues internally and for you.

Currently, the HTTPClient includes only 2 pre-built methods. These are very basic methods for slash commands. More will be coming soon.


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