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General Info

Purpose: This CTF is a collaboration between the FOSSCOMM conference and the [email protected] team. It aims to give a fun activity while the convention is running, and to help some people learn some things about security. Even though some challenges are flagged as medium or hard, this is a beginner friendly CTF

Updates: Even if you cline the repo, check it to get updates regularly


What’s the flag format: FOSSCOMM{3x4Mpl3_Fl4g}

When and where will the rankings be announced: The rankings will be posted both on the fosscomm2021 and the [email protected] website. They will be announced 1-2 days after the end of the conference.

Will the solutions also be posted: Yes

Can I make a writeup for the CTF: Sure, if you do send it to me at my twitter 🙂 (link below)

Where can I submit the flag: flag_submissions.txt

What do I need: Ideally a linux machine, though most challenges are OS agnostic. But most people use linux for CTFs

I don’t have Linux, should I install Kali: If you are new, Kali is good, so yeah I recommend it

I’m completely new, wat do: This is a good place to start

I don’t have a linux environment: Use the PWN box if you need one, though I recommend having your own

Who gets the prizes: The top 5

How wil you contact the top 5: We ask for your email in the google form. So expect from us to contact you after the results are posted

What do the top 5 get: Read this
What happens if I have equal points with someone else in the top 5: We check the time the form was submitted. The fastest one has the advantage

What if we submitted at the same time: Well then god damn. We will have you play koth over at THM until one wins or gets tired.

I need a hint/am stuck, who can I contact: My Twitter

Will you respond: If you are specific and show you put some effort yes. But if you come asking how to solve X challenge, then don’t expect a reply

Who made the challenges: Me and Lontz

Does this count for CTFTime points: No

Why no CTFd: We’ll try to have it next time

And don’t forget, hack the planet! 🔥


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