Raven - Sentry for Python

Raven is the official Python client for Sentry, officially supports Python 2.6–2.7 & 3.3–3.7, and runs on PyPy and Google App Engine.

It tracks errors and exceptions that happen during the execution of your application and provides instant notification with detailed information needed to prioritize, identify, reproduce and fix each issue.

It provides full out-of-the-box support for many of the popular python frameworks, including Django, and Flask. Raven also includes drop-in support for any WSGI-compatible web application.

Your application doesn't live on the web? No problem! Raven is easy to use in any Python application.


  • Automatically report (un)handled exceptions and errors
  • Send customized diagnostic data
  • Process and sanitize data before sending it over the network


It's really easy to get started with Raven. After you complete setting up a project in Sentry,
you’ll be given a value which we call a DSN, or Data Source Name. You will need it to configure the client.

Install the latest package with pip and configure the client::

pip install raven --upgrade

Create a client and capture an example exception:

.. sourcecode:: python

from raven import Client

client = Client('___DSN___')

    1 / 0
except ZeroDivisionError:

Raven Python is more than that however. Checkout our Python Documentation_.


Raven is under active development and contributions are more than welcome!
There are many ways to contribute:

  • Join in on discussions on our Mailing List_ or in our IRC Channel_.

  • Report bugs on our Issue Tracker_.

  • Submit a pull request!