John Snow Labs' NLU is a Python library for applying state-of-the-art text mining, directly on any dataframe, with a single line of code. As a facade of the award-winning Spark NLP library, it comes with hundreds of pretrained models in tens of languages - all production-grade, scalable, and trainable.


Getting Started with NLU

To get your hands on the power of NLU, you just need to install it via pip and ensure Java 8 is installed and properly configured. Checkout Quickstart for more infos

pip install nlu

Loading and predict with any model in 1 line python

import nlu 
nlu.load('sentiment').predict('I love NLU! <3') 

Loading and predict with multiple models in 1 line

Get 6 different embeddings in 1 line and use them for downstream data science tasks!

nlu.load('bert elmo albert xlnet glove use').predict('I love NLU! <3') 

What kind of models does NLU provide?

NLU provides everything a data scientist might want to wish for in one line of code!

  • NLU provides everything a data scientist might want to wish for in one line of code!
  • 350 + pre-trained models
  • 100+ of the latest NLP word embeddings ( BERT, ELMO, ALBERT, XLNET, GLOVE, BIOBERT, ELECTRA, COVIDBERT) and different variations of them
  • 50+ of the latest NLP sentence embeddings ( BERT, ELECTRA, USE) and different variations of them
  • 50+ Classifiers (NER, POS, Emotion, Sarcasm, Questions, Spam)
  • 40+ Supported Languages
  • Labeled and Unlabeled Dependency parsing
  • Various Text Cleaning and Pre-Processing methods like Stemming, Lemmatizing, Normalizing, Filtering, Cleaning pipelines and more

Classifiers trained on many different different datasets

Choose the right tool for the right task! Whether you analyze movies or twitter, NLU has the right model for you!

  • trec6 classifier
  • trec10 classifier
  • spam classifier
  • fake news classifier
  • emotion classifier
  • cyberbullying classifier
  • sarcasm classifier
  • sentiment classifier for movies
  • IMDB Movie Sentiment classifier
  • Twitter sentiment classifier
  • NER pretrained on ONTO notes
  • NER trainer on CONLL
  • Language classifier for 20 languages on the wiki 20 lang dataset.

Utilities for the Data Science NLU applications

Working with text data can sometimes be quite a dirty Job. NLU helps you keep your hands clean by providing lots of components that take away data engineering intensive tasks.

  • Datetime Matcher
  • Pattern Matcher
  • Chunk Matcher
  • Phrases Matcher
  • Stopword Cleaners
  • Pattern Cleaners
  • Slang Cleaner

Where can I see NLUs entire offer?

Checkout the NLU Namespace for everything that NLU has to offer!

Supported Data Types

  • Pandas DataFrame and Series
  • Spark DataFrames
  • Modin with Ray backend
  • Modin with Dask backend
  • Numpy arrays
  • Strings and lists of strings

Checkout the following notebooks for examples on how to work with NLU.