• Introduction
  • Requirements and installation
  • Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Programmers
  • Copyrights


The creation of KeysHolder wasn’t made to make money but simply for fun.
The program can be used to hold some keys or/and mouse click.
In addition you can spam the keys at the speedrate you want and save the keys for your next usage of the program.
A guide if you have problems with the keyboard modules for the .py file is accessible in the program and in this file.

  • For a full description of the module, visit the module page:

  • To submit bug reports and feature suggestions, or track changes contact me on discord:
    -met meza#6393


The program requires the following modules in python (not the .exe) :

  • View
  • to install it : pip install keyboard

The program requires the following update of python:

This program requires no modules outside of keyboard.


The module has no gui or modifiable settings. There is no configuration to make with the program.
If you want, you can only download the zip file and extract after.
When enabled, just use your keyboard to select what you want.


  • If an error appears:

    • Use the 7 key to access the help menu.

    • Check all the requirements


Current programmers:

  • Metmeza
  • Universivil


  • © 2022 Metmeza and Universivil, Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal.