What is snoopy!

The “Snoopy” boilerplate in flask framework for development enterprise application.


In my 10 years of development experience, I have worked on many b2b projects. In many projects I have come across typically for b2b problems, example

  1. The inability to maintenance from growing source code base.
  2. Sensitive to change.
  3. There is no certainty that your code is working or is working correctly.
  4. To transfer some part to microservice, you need to rewrite the whole project.

and others, this project should solve many of these problems

Snoopy vs Other framework

Feature Snoopy Django Flask Core
Service Layer for separate business logics
Code generate from OpenAPI schemas (Swagger)
Fixtures for pre-populate your database with hard-coded data for testing
API friendly ✓ RestFramework
Django based settings

Get started!

$ chmod +x bin/*

$ ./bin/install
$ ./bin/start


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