This repository is just the translation of pwninit.
It has been created because I love the utilities provided by pwninit, but I’m to lazy to learn Rust and I wanted to customize it, so I rewrote it in python.


  • Auto detect files (binary, libc, loader)
  • Get loader from libc version (if missing)
  • Get an unstripped version of the libc
  • Set everything executable
  • Set runpath and interpreter for the debug binary
  • Generate a basic script with all the information about the files
  • Print basic info about the files (file, checksec, libc version, usually vulnerable functions)
  • Check if there might be seccomp and run seccomp-tools dump
  • Get gadgets with ROPgadget
  • Search basic gadgets with overcomplicated regex and put them in the base script


Go into the directory with the challenge file and run:
spwn or spwn rop to get rop gadgets


sudo apt install elfutils
sudo apt install binutils
sudo apt install patchelf
gem install seccomp-tools
pip install -r requirementes.txt
chmod +x spwn.py
sudo cp spwn.py /usr/bin/spwn
# optional
pip install -r optional_requirements.txt

If you get errors with libarchive try following this stackoverflow post or ignore them, since spwn can extract the needed files anyways.

You should modify the last line of spwn.py (os.system(f"subl {exploit_name}")) to launch the text editor you want to use to write the exploit (in my case sublime text).


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