This is the library for the Unbounded Interleaved-State Recurrent Neural Network (UIS-RNN) algorithm. UIS-RNN solves the problem of segmenting and clustering sequential data by learning from examples.


python3 demo.py --train_iteration=20000

This will train a UIS-RNN model using data/training_data.npz,
then store the model on disk, perform inference on data/testing_data.npz,
print the inference results, and save the approximate accuracy in a text file.

Core APIs

All algorithms are implemented as the UISRNN class. First, construct a
UISRNN object by:

model = UISRNN(args)

Next, train the model by calling the fit() function:

model.fit(train_sequence, train_cluster_id, args)

Once we are done with the training, we can run the trained model to perform
inference on new sequences by calling the predict() function:

predicted_label = model.predict(test_sequence, args)

The definitions of the args are described in model/arguments.py.

Run the tests

You can also verify the correctness of this library by running:

sh run_tests.sh

If you fork this library and make local changes, be sure to use these tests
as a sanity check. Besides, these tests are also great examples for learning
the APIs.


Our paper is cited as:

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