The venturimeter works on the principle of Bernoulli’s equation, i.e., the pressure decreases as the velocity increases. The cross-section of the throat is less than the cross-section of the inlet pipe.The animation is done in python manim


Manim runs on Python 3.6 or higher (Python 3.8 is recommended).

System requirements are FFmpeg, OpenGL and LaTeX (optional, if you want to use LaTeX).
For Linux, Pango along with its development headers are required. See instruction here.


# Install manimgl
pip install manimgl

# Try it out

For more options, take a look at the Using manim sections further below.

If you want to hack on manimlib itself, clone this repository and in that directory execute:

# Install manimgl
pip install -e .

# Try it out
manimgl OpeningManimExample
# or
manim-render OpeningManimExample

Directly (Windows)

  1. Install FFmpeg.
  2. Install a LaTeX distribution. MiKTeX is recommended.
  3. Install the remaining Python packages.

    git clone
    cd manim
    pip install -e .
    manimgl OpeningManimExample


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