Visual Framework

The visual framework is designed on the idea of module and implemented by mixin method. Its biggest feature is the mixins module which is the core of the framework.

You can use the mixins module building train model, it is flexible, easy and quick. It is very convenient for academic research. I will constantly upgrade and maintain it. Please tell me, if you have new requirements for this framework. I will try to achieve it, if it is necessary and great. The visual framework is in the stage of developing. if you are interested in my project, you can contact me in GitHub to join the project. And let’s develop and test it together.

The application environment of the visual framework is as follows:

  • Academic research
  • Deep learning on vision consist of classification, detection, segmentation etc.


I’m a student who is major in Computer Vision in the university. I have great interest in Deep learning and love it very much. It is very happy to contribute to the project with you.


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