Thinky Nature

Welcome to my rice dotfiles of my ThinkPad X230

You surely will need to change some configs to fit your files and stuff and maybe tweak the icons on polybar so be ready to do that.

Most of the other things should be self explanatory. Screenshot may have slightly other colors than the screenshot ^^



  • FiraCode Nerd Font
  • Material Design Icons
  • FontAwesome


  • Window Manager: i3-radius/gaps
  • Editor: neovim
  • Fetch:
  • Application Menu: rofi
  • Notifications: dunst
  • Top Bar: polybar
  • Compositor: ibhagwan’s fork of picom
  • TUI file manager: ranger
  • Bonsai Tree: cbonsai
  • Wallpaper: wallpaper


Hope you like the configs. Some of them are not that well documented, some of them are ^^

Install script coming soon


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