CVE-2021-44228-log4j discovery (Download the MKP package)

This plugin discovers vulnerable files for the CVE-2021-44228-log4j issue. To discover this files it uses the CVE-2021-44228-Scanner from logpresso

The scanner (and so the plugin) can discover the following log4j issues

Note: Included in this package is the scanner for Linux and Windows in version 2.7.1 (2022-01-02)

You will find the release notes/latest version for the logpresso scanner here logpresso CVE-2021-44228-Scanner Releases

Note: here you can Download the MKP package for CMK 1.6, this might not be always on the same level as the version for CMK 2.0.

Note: you will find always the latest version here

To use this check you need to deploy the scanner and the plugin for your destination platform. You can do this via the agent bakery (Setup > Agents> Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX > Agent rules > CVE-2021-44228-log4j). Here you can also configure some options for the scanner (see WATO bakery).

Note: only Linux and Windows is implemented for this bakery plugin. If you need this for AIX/Solaris have a look at the contribution guidelines

Note: If you have created (baked) a new agent package you need to redeploy the agent (automatic update/software deployment)

If you have any issues or using the RAW edition of CMK or have a platform that is not supported by the bakery have a look at the how to information. There you will also find some information whats going on under the hood.

Check Info:

  • service: creates the service CVE-2021-44228-log4j

  • state:

    • if a (potentially) vulnerable file is found
    • if an error is found (from the agent plugin or the scanner)


    • if a file state is mitigated is found
    • if a file is skipped by the scanner

  • perfdata (if avilable):
    • Vulnerable files
    • Potentially vulnerable files
    • Mitigated files
    • Files sskipped
    • Files scanned
    • Directories scanned
    • Run time
    • Errors (agent plugin or scanner)

Want to contribute?

Nice ? Have a look at the contribution guidelines

Sample output

Note: in the service details you will find the raw output from the scanner

sample output

Sample output details

(sample details)

Sample syslog events in CMK event console

(sample syslog events in CMK event console)

WATO options check plugin

WATO options check plugin

WATO bakery Linux

WATO bakery Linux

WATO bakery Windows

WATO bakery Windows


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