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This Program helps you download songs from the Spotify track’s link you give in.
It uses yt-dlp to download songs from Youtube.

What it does

  • It gets the link from the user
  • Scraps the Webpage and gets the song’s title from Spotify
  • Then the title is used the get the youtube video’s link
  • Now the link is passed in to yt-dlp and the track will be downloaded to the selected path
  • Atlast the downloaded file is converted into mp3 using ffmpeg



  • It is not a complete project, it is still under development
  • It may be buggy at some point
  • You can only use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste the link inside the entry box.
  • It may stop responding, though it will complete the download without any problem. Wait till then (This is because of running the whole program on the main thread, I am working on it)


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