Facial Identity system

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This project is to utilize facial recognition to create a facial identity system. Our backend is constructed by one-shot models which is more flexible for adding a new face. The system is built on personal computer and Jetson Nano. Jetson Nano is used to recognized the faces and upload the detected information to Firebase. Users who used our application with account and password can log in to control the database and also see the information.

Folder structure

| - backend - For Personal computer
| - csv_file - Contribution for the CelebA dataset
| - jetson - Files for Jetson Nano
| - model - Model we used for training and detecting


Our facial identity system includes below features:

  • One-shot face recognition, add your faces without extra training
  • Complete database operation (upload, delete, update)
  • Fine-tuned your model at any time
  • Use as a monitor
  • Visualize the features


Personal computer

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Jetson Nano

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Increase swap space on Jetson Nano (Optional)

Our nano would crush when using cuda until we increase its swap memory ?
# 4.0G is the swap space
$ sudo fallocate -l 4.0G /swapfile
$ sudo chmod 600 /swapfile
$ sudo mkswap /swapfile
$ sudo swapon /swapfile

# Create swap memory on every reboot
$ sudo bash -c 'echo "/var/swapfile swap swap defaults 0 0" >> /etc/fstab'


Result for real-time training

Type Original New
Cosine Similarity Positive 0.9889 0.9863
Negative 0.7673 0.6695
L2 Distance Positive 0.1491 0.1655
Negative 0.6822 0.8130

Run time using different methods

  • second per image (s / img)
CPU (Pytorch) Cuda (Pytorch) ONNX TensorRT
4.11s 75.329s 0.1260s 1.975s
It is surprising that cuda consumes lots of time. We guess it is because cuda rely on huge amount of swap memory that slow down its runtime ?.

Contribution to CelebA

In order to train one-shot model, we obtain the face's coordinates beforehand. All files are placed in csv_file.

The coordinates were obtained from facenet-pytorch
File name Description
id_multiple.csv To ensure each celebrity have at least two images (For positive usage).
cropped.csv Include the face's coordinates and ensure each celebrity has at least two images.


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GitHub - JoyPang123/facial-identity-system at pythonawesome.com
Complete system for facial identity system. Include one-shot model, database operation, features visualization, monitoring - GitHub - JoyPang123/facial-identity-system at pythonawesome.com