This python cheat utilizes PyMeow, PyMem, and others to enhance your CS:GO experience ;).


  • Esp
  • Tracers
  • Chams
  • (More to come)

How to Install


  • Python 3 or higher (Tested on python 3.9)
  • Windows 10 (May work on other windows versions, only tested on 10)
  • pip 21.x.x (Tested on pip 21.3.1, may work on other versions)

Step 1

Download Zip file and extract the file to wherever you'd like.

Step 2

There are two ways to go about installing the requirments.

Run "install.bat" until it is done indicated with the "Done!" text.


open Command Prompt and cd into the main folder. Type the following
- pip install -r requirements.txt
- cd utils\pymeow
- pip install .


Run the "run.bat" file with csgo.exe open.
(If you recive errors with missing modules, refer to step 2 of the installation and check that all reqs were installed correctly)

After step running “run.bat” you should have two python terminals and one transparent python window open.


  • Esp/Tracers modifed from qb-0
  • Chams modified from ALittlePatate
  • Offsets from frk1


Contact me @ whosaddidix?#1400 on discord if you are confused or need help



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