This Server Cloner can clone the server you want with all the perms of roles in every particular channel.


  • Clone Channels
  • Channel Permissions
  • Server Roles
  • Server Name
  • Server Banner / Avatar
  • Server Emojis
  • Server Settings


  • This is a selfbot and using selfbot is against Discord TOS .
  • I don’t take any guarantee if anything occurs with your Discord Account or Replit Account .
  • This source can be used on Replit .


  1. Just fork the repl
  2. Go to Replit
  3. Click on
  4. Click Import from Github
  5. Then select this code
  6. Click Create Repl
  7. Wait it to be loaded
  8. Now it will ask for language and run command , put the following things in there to make it run :-

language = "python3"
run = "python"
  1. Done !

How to clone
• Run the repl on Replit which you forked
• Now it will ask for your account token
• Put your token then click

on your keyboard
• It will ask for the server id you want to clone
• Put the server id ( If you don’t know how to get id then go at last ) than click

• It will ask for a server id where you want to clone the main server
• Make a new server and copy its id
• Paste it there and click

last time .

Alright ! Don’t stop the repl because it may ruin the repl forever .
Wait until Done comes in the console
Then stop the repl and go to your server where you cloned your main server
And you will see all the channels , roles , permissions , channel logo are been cloned

How to enable developer mode in Discord
~ Go to your discord account settings
~ You will see Accessibility option
~ After clicking you will see Developer Mode option ~ Just enable it
~ After it just go to the three dots on any server
~ You will see a Copy ID option
That’s it

This code is for self use and educationl purpose only
Please don’t misuse it


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