This Repo is an analysis on Titanic_mod.csv
This csv file contains some assumed data of the Titanic ship after sinking
This full is done in Python using Numpy

Functionalities we have done:-

  1. Reading a file without numpy
  2. Reading a file using numpy and storing it in numpy array
  3. Finding the occurences and top occurences in the file according to the condition
  4. fare comparisons with the survivors and non survivors
  5. Relation in:-
    i) Highest value of number of siblings and/or spouses onboard
    ii) Mean value of parents and/or children onboard
    iii) 50th-percentile value of fare paid
    iv) Cheapest non-zero fare paid
  6. Menu driven for Research analysis
    i. Compute Correlation
    ii. Ranked List of 20 Oldest Survivors by Passenger Cabin Class Number
    iii. Ranked List of 20 Female Survivors by Highest Non-Self Family Member Onboard Count and then by Highest fare


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