TLaunch: Launch Programs on Multiple Hosts


Deepmind launchpad is a library that helps writing distributed program in a simple way. But currently it only supports (or has only open-sourced) launching programs on a single host, either multi-threaded or multi-processed. This library provides a way of launching existing launchpad programs on multiple nodes. Only some simple modification to your program is needed.


First, let’s clone this repository. Then cd into the repository, and execute:

pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install .


1. Launch programs on multiple hosts without communication

from absl import app
import logging
from tlaunch import lp_ssh

class Worker:
  def __init__(self, worker_id):
    self.worker_id = worker_id

  def run(self):'Worker {}:{}'.format(self.worker_id, i))

def make_program():
  program = lp_ssh.Program('worker')
  worker_num = 2
  current_num = 0
  for host in ['host1','host2']:
    for i in range(worker_num):
      ssh_node  = lp_ssh.SSHNode(Worker, current_num).to_host(host)
      current_num += 1
      program.add_node(ssh_node, label=host+'_worker')
  lp_ssh.launch(program, terminal='ssh_tmux_session')
def main(_):

if __name__ == '__main__':

In this code, we place Worker on host1 and host2 via to_host() function. With lp_ssh.launch(), Each Worker will start to run on its corresponding hosts. Besides, examples/mnist/ shows an example of how to train MNIST dataset on multiple hosts.

2. Launch programs on multiple hosts with communication

examples/commands/ gives an example of how to check GPU status of remote hosts. The information can be transferred via defining a TransmitNode.

3. Different data-transfer types

[Optional] Kubernetes Support

If you want to use TLaunch with Kubernetes:

  1. go installed on host machine to run kustomize.
  2. A running kubernetes cluster.
  3. Volcano scheduler installed to enable gang scheduling. This will tell you how to install volcano for your kubernetes cluster.

Install and run lp-operator on your kubernetes cluster

cd lp-operator
make deploy

Then lp-operator should be running in namespace lp-operator-system. You can use kubectl get all -n lp-operator-system to check the status of the running operator.

[Optional] Kubernetes Usage

Check for more information.

Citing TLaunch

If you use TLaunch in your work, please cite us:

    title={TLaunch: Launch Programs on Multiple Hosts},
    author={Shiyu Huang, Sen Na, Shizhen Xu, Ting Chen, Jun Zhu},


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