Oxy Token Stealer


  • Grabs discord tokens
  • Grabs chrome passwords
  • Grabs edge passwords
  • Nothing else, I don’t feel like releasing full on malware to people (and i barely know python)

How to use

1 – Download python 3.10.x https://www.python.org
2 – Download the python code and change the settings
3 – Open command prompt in the directory with the file
4 – Type “pip install pyinstaller && pyinstaller –onefile –noconsole filename.py”
5 – Enjoy!


Don’t use this code for any malicious use or malicious intent. This code is ONLY for educational
and learning purposes.

What is a Discord token?

  • A Discord token is an authentication token to get into someones account without MFA \ 2fa requirements.
  • (Note: Discord tokens purpose are not malicious, they are only so Discord authenticate users)

Want to contact me to help or ask questions about this project?

  • Add me on Discord! (oxy#9642 \ 941468830562136164)