Tool for Data Extraction and Web Requests.

What is this?

For educational purposes.

httpmapper is a web crawler made in Python.

  • [X] Source code of an URL.
  • [X] Links of a Website.
  • [X] Navigate in the web just using an URL.
  • [X] Get e-mails of a Website.
  • [X] See Cookies of a Website.
  • [X] Grab metadatas.

OS Support

  • Windows ✔️
  • Linux ✔️
  • Mac ❓

How to install

Clone this repository git clone

  • Install python 3.
    • Linux
      • apt-get install python3
      • chmod +x *
      • python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
      • python
      • Finished.
    • Windows

How it works

Firstable run the file and enter the website URL.

Then choose which tool you want to use.