Tool for working with Direct System Calls in Cobalt Strike’s Beacon Object Files (BOF) via Syswhispers2

Based on and work

How do I set this up?

git clone && cd InlineWhispers2
git clone
cd SysWhispers2/ && python3 --preset all -o syscalls_all && cd ..

How to use syscalls in your Cobalt-Strike BOF?

Import syscalls.c syscalls.h, syscalls-asm.h in your project and include syscalls.c to start to use syscalls

Now you can use all syscalls that you need:

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <tlhelp32.h>

#include "beacon.h"

#include "syscalls.c"

int go(char* args, int length) {
	datap  parser;
	BeaconDataParse(&parser, args, length);

	int pid = BeaconDataInt(&parser);

	BeaconPrintf(CALLBACK_OUTPUT, "	- Opening process: %d.", pid);

	HANDLE hProcess = NULL;
	OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES ObjectAttributes;
	InitializeObjectAttributes(&ObjectAttributes, NULL, 0, NULL, NULL);

	CLIENT_ID uPid = { 0 };
	uPid.UniqueProcess = (HANDLE)(DWORD_PTR)pid;
	uPid.UniqueThread = (HANDLE)0;

	NTSTATUS status = NtOpenProcess(&hProcess, PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, &ObjectAttributes, &uPid);
	if (hProcess == NULL || status != 0) {
		BeaconPrintf(CALLBACK_OUTPUT, "	[ERROR] Failed to get processhandle, status: 0x%lx", status);
		return 0;
	BeaconPrintf(CALLBACK_OUTPUT, "	- Handle: %x", hProcess);


	return 0;


Actually, you can’t use NtCallEnclave, NtGetCachedSigningLevel, NtSetCachedSigningLevel, NtCreateSectionEx syscalls


  • @jthuraisamy for Syswhispers2
  • @outflanknl for the first version of InlineWhispers
  • @helpsystems for the nanodump exemple
  • @boku7 for his awesome work and his kindness
  • @HackingDave because he’s the owner of a great DeLorean vroom vroom
  • The French Read The Fancy Manual community, the CyberThreatForce, and OsintFr (@sigsegv_event @CTFofficielFR and @OsintFr)
  • All infosec enthusiasts who share their knowledge without looking down on other enthusiasts


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