ImageResize Tool

Tool made for the FWA Yearbook Team to resize multiple images quickly. Make sure to check this repo for future updates

How to Use

There are multiple ways to use the ImageResize Tool. If you don’t use the tool much, use the Drag & Drop Method. However, if you need to use the program frequently then I recommend the Advanced Method. The Advanced Method allows you to quickly access the program in the future (In the Open With tab)

Method 1: Drag & Drop

  1. Download and extract the tool
  2. Drag Images onto ImageResize.exe to resize them

Method 2: Advanced Method

  1. Download and extract the tool
  2. Right click on the image(s) you want to resize
  3. Click Properties and then click Change
  4. Scroll down and click Look for other app on PC
  5. Find and Select ImageResize.exe

Program not Working?

Does the program not function correctly or is an error is printed in the console? Please open an Issue Card so we can fix it ASAP!

Stuff for Nerds

The ImageResize Tool was written in Python 3.8 using Pycharm by Jetbrains. PyInstaller is used to convert the tool to an .exe file

ImageResize Python requirements

  1. Python 3.8 or later
  2. Pillow pip install Pillow
  3. PyInstaller pip install pyinstaller

How to Build ImageResize

  1. Run this command:
  pyinstaller --onefile
  1. Zip-up the dist folder
  2. Distribute!


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