Rails on Docker

Tools and Docker images to make a fast Ruby on Rails development environment. With the production templates, moving from development to production will be seamless.



Create a New Rails Project

The following command will Create a new project named t1 based on Rails 7 and using MySQL as the database.

./rod project new t1 -v 7 -m

project new is for creating projects.

-v or --version is for specifying the version of Rails. Either a complete version, like 7.0.1, or a major version 7 works. If a major version is given, the latest major version will be used to create the project.

-m or --mysql is to select MySQL.

-p or --pg is to select Postgresql.

-s or --sqlite3 is to select sqlite3.

The docker image for the new image will be created as well.

Using Rails Generator

Generate a scaffold:

./rod g scaffold post title:string content:text


./rod generate scaffold post title:string content:text

Generate a controller

./rod g controller article index new create

Generate a model

./rod g model comment title:string content:text

Executing Rake Tasks

All tasks that can be executed by rails command are supported. For example: you can execute the tasks db:migrate and db:seed by the following command:

./rod tasks db:migrate db:seed


GitHub - wxw-matt/rails_on_docker at pythonawesome.com
Tools and images to make a fast Ruby on Rails development environment based on Docker. Move from development to production seamlessly. - GitHub - wxw-matt/rails_on_docker at pythonawesome.com