TorchGeo is a PyTorch domain library, similar to torchvision, that provides datasets, transforms, samplers, and pre-trained models specific to geospatial data.

The goal of this library is to make it simple:

  1. for machine learning experts to use geospatial data in their workflows, and
  2. for remote sensing experts to use their data in machine learning workflows.

See our installation instructions, documentation, and examples to learn how to use torchgeo.

External links: docs codecov

Tests: docs style tests

Installation instructions

Until the first release, you can install an environment compatible with torchgeo with conda, pip, or spack as shown below.


Note: if you do not have access to a GPU or are running on macOS, replace pytorch-gpu with pytorch-cpu in the environment.yml file.

$ conda config --set channel_priority strict
$ conda env create --file environment.yml
$ conda activate torchgeo


With Python 3.6 or later:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt


$ spack env activate .
$ spack install


You can find the documentation for torchgeo on ReadTheDocs.

Example usage

The following sections give basic examples of what you can do with torchgeo. For more examples, check out our tutorials.

Train and test models using our PyTorch Lightning based training script

We provide a script, for training models using a subset of the datasets. We do this with the PyTorch Lightning LightningModules and LightningDataModules implemented under the torchgeo.trainers namespace. The script is configurable via the command line and/or via YAML configuration files. See the conf/ directory for example configuration files that can be customized for different training runs.

$ python config_file=conf/landcoverai.yaml

Download and use the Tropical Cyclone Wind Estimation Competition dataset

This dataset is from a competition hosted by Driven Data in collaboration with Radiant Earth. See here for more information.

Using this dataset in torchgeo is as simple as importing and instantiating the appropriate class.

import torchgeo.datasets

dataset = torchgeo.datasets.TropicalCycloneWindEstimation(split="train", download=True)


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