Towards High-Fidelity 3D Face Reconstruction from In-the-Wild Images Using Graph Convolutional Networks

by Jiangke Lin, Yi Yuan*, Tianjia Shao, Kun Zhou

In this paper, we seek to reconstruct the 3D facial shape with high fidelity texture from a single image, without the need to capture a large-scale face texture database.

Here is the official implementation.

1. Requirements


The shapes and coarse textures are from https://github.com/microsoft/Deep3DFaceReconstruction, the GCNs code is based on https://github.com/anuragranj/coma and mesh processing libraries from https://github.com/MPI-IS/mesh.
Please refer to their project pages for the necessary files.

2. Prepare dataset

As we mentioned in the paper, we use a face segmentation network to segment out the non-face areas. Here, we treat the segmentation result as alpha channel and store it in a .png file along with the face image. More specifically, we acquire the face segmentation result by a face segmentation network, then store the image and segmentation results as a .png file, where the RGB channels store the image, and alpha channel stores the segmentation results. In the alpha channel, 0 means non-skin region and 255 represents skin region.
For efficiency, we then write all .png images into a binary file in advance. Please change the data folder in create_bin.py to yours.

python create_bin.py

3. Training

It is worth mentioning that, our network involves the mesh sampling algorithm. We save the sampling-related parameters into .npz files in advance and load them before training to avoid meaningless repeat calculation.
More details could be found in utils.py#L266 init_sampling().

After the dataset files are ready, the training can be started.

python main.py --mode train

4. Future Works

As we continue to work on 3D face reconstruction and try to integrate such an algorithm into automatic game character creation, we can expect more results in the future.
We will also make some of our datasets for 3D face reconstruction public available in the future.
However, at present, you can try out our current automatic character creation method in the game Justice(逆水寒, https://n.163.com).


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