Tracing Versus Freehand for Evaluating Computer-Generated Drawings (SIGGRAPH 2021)

Zeyu Wang, Sherry Qiu, Nicole Feng, Holly Rushmeier, Leonard McMillan, Julie Dorsey

Drawing Dataset

The dataset consists of 1,498 tracings and freehand drawings by 110 participants for 100 image prompts. Our drawings are registered to the prompts and include vector-based timestamped strokes collected via stylus input.

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Image prompts.

All rendered tracings and freehand drawings in SVG and PNG.

Raw JSON data: tracings, freehand drawings, registered freehand drawings.

JSON data format:

  // each prompt
  "image": {
    // each drawing
    "participant": [
      // each stroke
        "path": string (Unix timestamp, x, y coordinates at each vertex separated by comma)
        "pressure": string (pressure value at each vertex separated by comma)
        "color": string (hex code, e.g., "#000000")
        "width": integer (stroke width on a 800x800 canvas)
        "opacity": float (alpha value from 0 to 1)

Analysis Code

More to come, stay tuned!


The dataset and code are released for academic research use only under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

If you use the dataset or code for your research, please cite this paper:

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