• testrail is a test case management tool which helps any organization to track all consumption and testing of manual and automated testing and also register the data with pass / fail and multiple status with jiras ( defects / features / documentation ) tagging to test cases
  • pandas beautiful soup and matplotlib with django and finally scheduler are the key core libraries used to build this
  • this web app generates prod report for any testrail milestone / plan / release
  • track testrail productivity in automated reporting to multiple teams by using a scheduler so when ever a user / POC adds a new on-going release and specifies a time with mailer address to / cc the web app triggers automated report sharing team prod for the day
  • pulls monthly / yearly testrail exports through webscraping the exports in
  • backend operation and utilizing testrail api

login app

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home page with feature rotator

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generate prod report

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++ multiple features


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