Tracking Code for the winner of track1 in MMP-Trakcing challenge

This repository contains our tracking code for the Multi-camera Multiple People Tracking (MMP-Tracking) Challenge at ICCV 2021 Workshop.

1. Environment setup

This tracking code has been tested on Python 3.7.6, Pytorch 1.5.1, CUDA 10.1, please install related libraries before running this code:

pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install torch==1.5.1+cu101 torchvision==0.6.1+cu101 -f

2. Detection

We provide the detection results on the test split in and They should be extracted first.

3. Tracking

Run the following script to reproduce our tracking results.


4. Acknowledgement

We use YOLOX to train our detection model.
Some code from deep_sort, FairMOT, and tao.


GitHub - damo-cv/MMP_Track1_ICCV21 at
Tracking code for the winner of track 1 in the MMP-Tracking Challenge at ICCV 2021 Workshop. - GitHub - damo-cv/MMP_Track1_ICCV21 at