Training and Lightweighting Cookbook in JAX/FLAX


  • This project attempts to build neural network training and lightweighting cookbook including three kinds of lightweighting solutions, i.e., knowledge distillation, filter pruning, and quantization.
  • It will be a quite long term project, so please get patient and keep watching this repository 🤗.


  • jax
  • flax
  • tensorflow ( to download CIFAR dataset )

Key features

Knowledge distillation | Filter pruning

Basic training framework in JAX/FLAX

How to use

  1. Move to the codebase.
  2. Train and evaluate our model by the below command.

  # ResNet-56 on CIFAR10
  python --gpu_id 0 --arch ResNet-56 --dataset CIFAR10 --train_path ~/test
  python --gpu_id 0 --arch ResNet-56 --dataset CIFAR10 --trained_param pretrained/res56_c10

Experimental comparison with other common deep learning libraries, i.e., Tensorflow2 and Pytorch

  • Hardware: GTX 1080

  • Tensorflow implementation [link]

  • Pytorch implementation [link]

  • In order to check only training time except for model and data preparation, training time is calculated from the second to the last epoch.

  • Note that Accuracy on CIFAR dataset has a quite large variance so that you should focus on another metrics, i.e., training time.

  • As you can notice, JAX and TF are much faster than Pytorch because of JIT compiling.

Library Accuracy Time (m)
JAX 93.98 54
TF 93.91 53
Pytorch 93.80 69


  • Basic training and test framework

    • Dataprovider in JAX
    • Naive training framework
    • Monitoring by Tensorboard
    • Profiling addons
    • Enlarge model zoo including HuggingFace pre-trained models
  • Knowledge distillation framework

    • Basic framework
    • Off-line distillation
    • On-line distillation
    • Self distillation
    • Enlarge the distillation algorithm zoo
  • Filter pruning framework

    • Basic framework
    • Criterion-based pruning
    • Search-based pruning
    • Enlarge filter pruning algorithm zoo
  • Quantization framework

    • Basic framework
    • Quantization aware training
    • Post Training Quantization
    • Enlarge quantization algorithm zoo
  • Tools for handy usage.


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