How does the encrypter works?

Transform your text into encrypted symbols using their dictionary

a = = (1st letter of alphabet)
b = == (2nd letter of alphabet)
c = === (3rd letter of alphabet)

abc = ====== (with spaces: = == ===)

What makes it so hard to decrypt?

The amount of combinations that it can be.
=== can be ab or ba
===== can be ad, da, bc, bba, abb, aca, caa, aac and many other combinations.

How do i decrypt it?

You can’t without bruteforce. You can’t know what is the right text, you can’t know HOW is the right text.

How do i execute it?

It works in shell/cmd, E.G:

>>> encrypt('your text', dictionary)

output: '=========================|===============|=====================|==================|/====================|=====|========================|====================|'

Ways to make it easier to read

There are some ways to make it easier to read, such as:

  • Replacing / with (space) IF YOU WANT TO STILL USE |
  • Replacing | with and / with -
  • Replacing = with the respective number, E.G: a = 1, b = 12

Ways to read it

You can’t if you remove the space indicators, such as | and /.
If you don’t remove those indicators, you can simply count how many = are there, and count the alphabet, so:
==== is d.
| is a letter separation, so =|==| is ab
/ is a word separation, so =|/==| is a b

Will you release a decrypt algorithm to that?

In future, yes.


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