The world’s worse debugger

Over the course of multiple OALABS Twitch streams we will build the world’s worst debugger! The purpose of the streams is to learn more about the inner workings of debugging under Windows and gain a better general understanding of what our tools are doing when we are debugging malware.


Much of the code in this project is heavily copy-pasted from multiple sources on the Internet. We will try to maintain a list of original sources here, but we may occasionally miss sources while on stream. If we missed something let us know so we can add it!

No PRs

Because this project is meant to be a community effort on stream we won’t be accepting PRs. Aside from some maintenance/cleanup all coding will be done on-stream. If you have feature requests or suggestions leave your feedback as an Issue or come chat with us on Discord.

Join Us!

? Check out our schedule we stream Thursdays and Sundays at 1300 EST

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