Trendyol Smartphone Price Prediction

This web application makes a price estimate based on the features of your dream phone, thus allowing you to determine the features of your dream phone according to your budget. Web application takes predictions from the model created using smartphone data pulled from Trendyol e-commerce site, the phone features entered are given to the linear regression model and a price estimate is obtained.

The deployed version of the website

Dataset Kaggle link

Our work on the dataset (GPU)

Our work on the dataset (CPU)


Trendyol Smartphone Price Prediction 
├── FlaskWeb
│   ├──
│   └── templates
│       ├── about.html
│       ├── formhelpers.html
│       ├── form_template.html
│       ├── HomePage.html
│       ├── includes
│       │   ├── footer.html
│       │   ├── navbar.html
│       │   └── Trendyol_item.jpg
│       ├── Trendyol_item.jpeg
│       ├── Trendyol_item.jpg
│       ├── Trendyol_item.svg
│       └── website-background-3.jpg
├── GetData
│   └──
├── requirements.txt
└── ServerAPI
    ├── finalized_model.sav
    └── __pycache__
        └── model.cpython-39.pyc

To use the web application on your own computer, install the python packages with the command below.

sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  • Running the Server API

    This API passes incoming parameters to the model and receives a price estimate, then passes that estimate back to the website. You can deploy the API with the following command.

    sudo python3

    Warning : After running this script, change the ip address returned to you with the ip on line 147 of the website, so that the connection is established and there is no error in data transfer.

  • Deploying the Flask website

    This website transmits the data entered by the user to the model via API and receives an estimate and presents this estimate to the user. After changing your ip address with the ip address on line 147, you can run the website with the command below.

    sudo python3
  • App Video


Developers of the project

Ahmet Furkan DEMIR

Batuhan Türk