Carrot 🥕

Warning 💥: I am not a botanist. I do not study carrots or plant life. I am a noob programmer :P. So don't belive anything you see in this simulator. Especially the talking carrots.


How did I come up with this idea?

I brainstormed for over an hour.


Figure it out yourself, it's pretty obvious.

no cap. promise.


@orangexd: for everything

Github: for allowing me to share it with the community

A Carrot: for inspiring me to do this

Anything Else to Know?

I'm not even close to finishing it. Have any ideas, feedback, recommendations? Please send it through a issue. Want to help? Submit a pull request.

I will mention you in the credits.

Current percentage of progress: 5% ❌

When will this be finished?

Probably never. Why? You already know. Winter Break. Holiday Season. Gifts. Presents. Good stuff.


GitHub - orangexd/Carrot-xd at
🥕 - Try and keep da carrot alive or else . . . Contribute to orangexd/Carrot-xd development by creating an account on GitHub.