tstock – Check stocks from the terminal!

? tstock is a tool to easily generate stock charts from the command line.

Just type tstock aapl to get a 3 month candlestick chart of $AAPL in your terminal!




  • Python 3.6 or greater



tstock is available on the AUR. If you are on an Archlinux system, you can just install it using your AUR helper. Example using yay:

yay -S tstock


tstock is also available as a Python package. You can install it using pip:

pip3 install tstock

Getting started

MarketStack API setup

After installing tstock, you will need a MarketStack API key to pull the market data.

  • Make a free MarketStack API account at https://marketstack.com/signup/free
  • Login and find your API Access Key on the Dashboard page
  • Run export MARKETSTACK_API_KEY=<your access key>. You can make this permanent by adding that command to your .bashrc.


Run ./tstock TICKER to get the 3 month chart of $TICKER. Use -d DAYS to specify the number of days back you want to pull. Use -y LINES to specify the length of the chart’s y axis.

You can get indexes by appending .INDX. for example, ./tstock DJI.INDX to get the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Find more information on how to specify special tickers on MarketWatch’s API Docs: https://marketstack.com/documentation


  • The free tier of the API is limited to 100 API calls per month.


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