Twitter Turbo / Auto Claimer / Swapper

Version: 1.0
Last Update: 01/26/2022

Use this at your own descretion. I’ve only used this on test accounts and nothing high-end. Although, it should get the job done.

If you need helping swapping or cannot get this simple program working. Feel free to contact me.

You will need to grab the headers and cookies from the account you are wanting to use.
Once you have done this, place them in file “headers.txt”
It should look like this:

First Mode (Auto Claimer/Turbo)
Turbo/Auto-claim list of username(s).

  • Recommended threads is 10-20 if you don’t want your account to get locked.
  1. Place your account headers in: “headers.txt”
  2. It will go through the list of usernames in file usernames.txt and will see if the name is available.

Second Mode (Swapper)
Mainly used to swap a username over to another account.

  1. Save the headers for the first account and second account to their own text file.
  2. It will ask you for the first account text file, it will sign in and give you the green light if the account is good.
  3. Same thing as step 2, but it will be for the second account you are going to claim the first account/username with.


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