This Respository consists of the projects that I have done as a Part of “Under Water Autonomous Vehicle Research Group” in our college. I was in the AI domain of it and we participate in Under Water Vehicle Competitions at College levels. This Repo consists of variety of object detection codes and color classification codes.


STEP – 1 – Download the code, it will be a zip file , extractit
STEP -2 – Go to the drive link and download those 3 files (Access only to .viit.ac.in domain). Thse are normal YOLOV3 setup files you can download it from their official site as well.
LINK – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SMV4hcdq_BwIX9lMvDK8jYkyTr7Im_IX?usp=sharing

STEP -3 – Open the codes and it has 3 File paths given in the very beggining of the code. so change my file location to yours.