Unifi AP Device info

Provide Unifi device info via api to Home Assistant that will give ap sensors

Thanks to valvex, https://community.home-assistant.io/t/monitoring-your-unifi-ap/259703 for giving the base for this.

To get started download, you must have https://github.com/custom-components/sensor.unifigateway install and working

The code above can be used with standalone as with https://github.com/finish06/pyunifi

Made to work with newer UnifiOS

Will give you a card as below:




Create a folder scripts in your config folder and copy the unifi_ap.py and/or unifi_switch.py into the folder. Edit with details in the section with your details:

 - `host`       -- the address of the controller host; IP or name
 - `username`   -- the username to log in with
 - `password`	-- the password to log in with
 - `version`	-- the base version of the controller API [v4|v5|unifiOS|UDMP-unifiOS]
 - `site_id`	-- the site ID to access
 - `port`       -- the port of the controller host
 - `verify_ssl`	-- Verify the controllers SSL certificate, default=True, can also be False or "path/to/custom_cert.pem"
 - `target_mac` -- the mac address of your AP device


For AP:

Copy the content of configuration_ap.yaml to 'configuration.yaml' under sensor.

For Switch:

Copy the content of configuration_switch.yaml to 'configuration.yaml' under sensor.


To create the card, you will need https://github.com/benct/lovelace-multiple-entity-row and https://github.com/kalkih/mini-graph-card

For AP:

card_ap.yaml can be copied to a manual card in the frontend to create card as per image above.

For Switch:

card_switch.yaml can be copied to a manual card in the frontend to create card as per image above.

Reboot command

shell_command.reboot_unifi_ap can be created via https://github.com/stevejenkins/unifi-linux-utils/blob/master/uap_reboot.sh, change uap_list to only the ip of the device.

Then adding to configuration.yaml under shell_command:

  reboot_unifi_ap: bash /config/shell/unifi_ap_reboot.sh

PS: command works via host, but not in home assistant. Will have to figure this out. Needs sshpass in home assistant

When you have more than one ap/switch

Duplicated as needed per ap and change unifi_ap to either ap name or unifi_ap1 an unifi_ap2

Duplicated as needed per ap and change unifi_switch to either ap name or unifi_switch1 an unifi_switch

Remember then to update the sensor and card accordingly