UniHub API

UniHub API is my solution to bringing students and their universities closer… By joining UniHub, students will be able to join their relevant departments, explore their studies schedule, get the latest courses/updates from their professors, group chats, and forums with ranking systems where questions can be answered by either students or professors.


Universities/Professors use obsolete methods to communicate with students. The current system -if it even exists- of sharing studies schedules/courses/updates is ineffective

Relying on Facebook pages to send studies schedules, updates, and much more critical information to students is not practical. For instance, a student that doesn’t use Facebook has no choice but to join Facebook. Also, a system that depends on a student to share a course with other students is a no-go

And that’s why I’m creating UniHub to hopefully bridge this gap


Coming soon…

Tech/Framework used

  • FastAPI
  • PostgreSQL


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API Reference

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How to use?

Coming soon…


Distributed under the GNU GPLv3License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.


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