University Challenge 2021

This repository contains:

  • The TeX file of the technical write-up describing the University / HYPER Challenge 2021 under latex-doc/
  • The Python starter-kit for the competition
  • The Docker starter-kit for the competition with the Python starter-kit inside

Option 1: Hypergraph partitioning using Python

The Python starter-kit is located under hg_tools/. Please see the file within that folder for further instructions.
The partition output file is written under hg_tools/output/.

Option 2: Hypergraph partitioning using Docker

The following instructions show a reproducible execution of the Docker starter-kit.


You must first have installed docker and docker-compose.


You need to copy your datasets under hg_tools/data/ folder.

Build and run within a docker container

To build, type

docker-compose build

To run, type

docker-compose run hg_tools data/sample.mtx 2 0.01
# docker-compose run hg_tools data/CurlCurl_4.mtx.gz 10 0.01
# docker-compose run hg_tools data/wikipedia-20070206.mtx.gz 10 0.01

The partition output file is written under docker-output/.


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