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  • Auto Filter
  • Manuel Filter
  • IMDB
  • Admin Commands
  • Broadcast
  • Index
  • IMDB search
  • Inline Search
  • Random pics
  • ids and User info
  • Stats, Users, Chats, Ban, Unban, Leave, Disable, Channel


Required Variables

  • BOT_TOKEN: Create a bot using @BotFather, and get the Telegram API token.
  • API_ID: Get this value from
  • API_HASH: Get this value from
  • CHANNELS: Username or ID of channel or group. Separate multiple IDs by space
  • ADMINS: Username or ID of Admin. Separate multiple Admins by space
  • DATABASE_URI: mongoDB URI. Get this value from mongoDB. For more help watch this video
  • DATABASE_NAME: Name of the database in mongoDB. For more help watch this video
  • LOG_CHANNEL : A channel to log the activities of bot. Make sure bot is an admin in the channel.

Optional Variables

  • PICS: Telegraph links of images to show in start message.( Multiple images can be used seperated by space )
  • Check for more


You can deploy this bot anywhere.

Watch Deploying Tutorial…

Deploy To Heroku


Deploy To VPS

git clone
# Install Packages
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
Edit with variables as given below then run bot


• /logs - to get the rescent errors
• /stats - to get status of files in db.
* /filter - add manual filters
* /filters - view filters
* /connect - connect to PM.
* /disconnect - disconnect from PM
* /del - delete a filter
* /delall - delete all filters
* /deleteall - delete all index(autofilter)
* /delete - delete a specific file from index.
* /info - get user info
* /id - get tg ids.
* /imdb - fetch info from imdb.
• /users - to get list of my users and ids.
• /chats - to get list of the my chats and ids 
• /index  - to add files from a channel
• /leave  - to leave from a chat.
• /disable  -  do disable a chat.
* /enable - re-enable chat.
• /ban  - to ban a user.
• /unban  - to unban a user.
• /channel - to get list of total connected channels
• /broadcast - to broadcast a message to all Eva Maria users


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  • EvaMaria-Devs

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GNU Affero General Public License 2.0
Licensed under GNU AGPL 2.0.
Selling The Codes To Other People For Money Is Strictly Prohibited.


This is an attempt to create a clone of a BOAT made out of banana trees 🌳

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