Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Nighttime Aerial Tracking (CVPR2022)

Junjie Ye, Changhong Fu, Guangze Zheng, Danda Pani Paudel, and Guang Chen. Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Nighttime Aerial Tracking. In CVPR, pages 1-10, 2022.



UDAT is an unsupervised domain adaptation framework for visual object tracking. This repo contains its Python implementation.

Paper (coming soon) | NAT2021 benchmark

Testing UDAT

1. Preprocessing

Before training, we need to preprocess the unlabelled training data to generate training pairs.

  1. Download the proposed NAT2021-train set

  2. Customize the directory of the train set in lowlight_enhancement.py and enhance the nighttime sequences

    cd preprocessing/
    python lowlight_enhancement.py # enhanced sequences will be saved at '/YOUR/PATH/NAT2021/train/data_seq_enhanced/'
  3. Download the video saliency detection model here and place it at preprocessing/models/checkpoints/.

  4. Predict salient objects and obtain candidate boxes

    python inference.py # candidate boxes will be saved at 'coarse_boxes/' as .npy
  5. Generate pseudo annotations from candidate boxes using dynamic programming

    python gen_seq_bboxes.py # pseudo box sequences will be saved at 'pseudo_anno/'
  6. Generate cropped training patches and a JSON file for training

    python par_crop.py
    python gen_json.py

2. Train

Take UDAT-CAR for instance.

  1. Apart from above target domain dataset NAT2021, you need to download and prepare source domain datasets VID and GOT-10K.

  2. Download the pre-trained daytime model (SiamCAR/SiamBAN) and place it at UDAT/tools/snapshot.

  3. Start training

    cd UDAT/CAR
    export PYTHONPATH=$PWD
    python tools/train.py

3. Test

Take UDAT-CAR for instance.

  1. For quick test, you can download our trained model for UDAT-CAR (or UDAT-BAN) and place it at UDAT/CAR/experiments/udatcar_r50_l234.

  2. Start testing

    python tools/test.py --dataset NAT

4. Eval

  1. Start evaluating
    python tools/eval.py --dataset NAT


Demo video



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We sincerely thank the contribution of following repos: SiamCAR, SiamBAN, DCFNet, DCE, and USOT.


If you have any questions, please contact Junjie Ye at [email protected] or Changhong Fu at [email protected].


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