Flutter pubspec.yaml updater


A simple tool that updates your pubspec.yaml file, of a Flutter project, without altering the structure of your file.


Just run INSTALL.sh, this will add the command pubspec_update in your terminal.


Run pubspec_update passing as an argument either the path of the Flutter project or the pubspec.yaml file. Example:

  • pubspect_update ~/my/flutter/project
  • pubspect_update ~/my/flutter/project/pubspec.yaml

The tool will print a table with all the packages that need an update. This table contains the package name, the current version in the pubspec and the newer version available on pub.dev.


After the table, it will be asked you whether you want the tool to update directly the pubspec.yaml file. This will not alter your file structure at all — comments will stay, order or the package will stay, etc.