A software for uploading all your accepted solutions from CodeChef and CodeForces to Github with no hassles, and fully automated using Python.

How to use:

  • Generate an API key from https://github.com/settings/tokens. Make sure the repo section is checked.

  • Download the project and extract the file. Then open terminal and run the following command:

    pip install -r C:\path\to\requirements.txt
  • In terminal, run the following command to start using the project:

    python3 C:\path\to\main.py

Modules used:

  • requests and grequests to get the html
  • BeautifulSoup4 (bs4) to parse the html
  • PyGithub to access the GitHub API
  • json to parse CodeForces API
  • multiprocessing to parallelize CodeForces and CodeChef uploads.
  • Misc: time, logging, dotenv


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