use python script to fix vmp dump api in ida. support x86 and x64.
details in my blog:

step 1

(1) open need moudle by ida and run “”. you can get “xxx.txt” in your “D:\fix_vmp_dump”.

step 2

(1) put “” in your “%ida%/python/”.
(2) insert “import Fix_Vmp_Dump_API” to your “%ida%/python/” file, like this:

  import ida_idaapi
  import ida_kernwin
  import ida_diskio
  import Fix_Vmp_Dump_API

 except ImportError as e:
  print "Import failed: %s. Current sys.path:" % str(e)
  for p in sys.path:
      print "\t%s" % p

(3) restart your ida

step 3

use hotkey “Shift-F” to fix single api.
use hotket “Shift-G” to fix all api.(use carefully!)