This an Python script based on Android Debug Bridge (adb) shell scripting.
For this to work , you need a Android device with api > 2.2 ( I thinkā€¦) and developers mode enabled , you also must have your phone connected to the computer through a usb cable , also inorder for the script to run propely you must have ALL apps closed in the backround.

What is this?

This scripts simply toggles airplane mode on and off through adb.


Most of the mobile carriers will assing a new IP to your device each time a connection is made ( airplane mode off / on ) , Since now days most the residential ISPs will let you sit on one IP address for a long time , mobile carriers won’t.
So if you need to change IPs once in a while,all you need is your android smartphone.
(Instead of buying residential proxies)

Thins you need to know

You must have all the apps closed and the phone rest without a lockscreen.
The IP will still be could redirected to you , unless it not your phone. ( this is not a proxy..)
Phone is unsable during the operation , using it may break the software form keep on running.

Getting Started

1 Download the project
2 Get the needed libaries
3 Install Google USB Driver

pip install subprocess
pip install rich
pip install requests

4 Edit ADB location on line 7.
5 Edit your device namae ( Use emulator -list-avds )

Run the script

Connect your phone to the PC , and set data tethering to enable


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