I have used python functional programming to make this Ai assistant.

Inspiration of project :

we have seen in our daily life goggle assistant siri Alexa , I was pretty much interested to know how this things are working . So I had worked on this project to learn how they are working . I want to make more personalized ai assistant, so I had created this one.

libararies used are following

pyttsx3 (python text to speach): to convert text in voice ;

datetime: for get the info about date and time;

speech_recognition: for recognising voice , i have used google’s api(voice recognizer) that need internet to prtocess.;

wikipedia: Wikipedia library that makes it easy to access and parse data from Wikipedia and we can sumrize according to our need.

smtplib(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ): to send mail to someone

webbrowser : for websearches

os: gives use control to power off , restrat, sleep the system

pyautogui : to take screenshot

psutil: to access system details and process utilities. It is used to keep track of various resources utilization in the system, it gives us status of the system(such as battery uses,cpu uses etc.)

pyjokes: python’s joke library


it can take voice command to take input and give me voice output. i can change the voice tone and even voice. you can custamize any command and it’s my project unique fucatinality.
it can show date & time, cpu and battery status, search on wikipedia and gives summary, can do websearches , can open any application, can take screenshot, can send mail,can tell us jokes, can remind something.

i will soon update some new feartures.


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